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Chwoka's Capsules

Post by Chwoka » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:48 pm

i listen to a lot of albums and want a place to leave short thoughts on them.

kalo-yele: every song is the same song and it's not a good song
the art tatum-ben webster quartet: man can art tatum play
your old droog ep: BARS. everyone thought this was nas under a new name but honestly i think the guy flows more like ghostface. my only gripe is that these beats are boring af, why does every modern boom bap producer treat special herbs as their bible
what makes a man start fires: i can see why minutemen might be someone's favorite band.
double cup: footwork is trap i don't have to force myself into loving
the orb's adventures beyond the ultraworld: outside of little fluffy clouds this is the most boring shit, every track is like three times as long as it needs to be
ben johnston's string quarters 6, 7, and 8: an ludicrously impressive technical achievement that's actually pretty listenable for microtonal classical and varied enough to keep interest. i only wish it were more repetitive in parts: stretches can feel like out-of-tune noodling, but repeating bars would force our ears to pick out the musicality and subtle variations in what is now a riff.
second toughest in the infants: nowhere near the titanic achievement of dubnobasswitmyheadman. in short this is more "housey." or to put it another way it feels more like it's imitating other artist's styles, like one song seems like it belongs to the prodigy. it's also a little less quirky and muddy. it's still good but not even great
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