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Post by Pissbabybrown » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:21 pm

Hello PBBPPBCPHPBB community members, posters, and on-lookers. Today, several forums have been moved around, and deleted. No posts were deleted, and they can now be found elsewhere. You may have noticed that the names of some of the forums have changed as well. This was not a choice made lightly, but in the wake of several events, I have decided that this forum needs to be keeping up with the times as it were. There is a thread in the Pissbaby Community Zone forum for discussion of these actions, if you have any thoughts.

This is what has been changed:
  • The World Famous Descartes' "Cogito Ergo Sum" has been consolidated into the Serious Politics Forum, which it was a child forum of.
  • Weekly Boy's Jump has been consolidated into the Talkin' TV forum, which it was a child forum of.
  • Matrick Patrick presents: Making Videos has been consolidated into The Pissbabie forum, which it was a child forum of.
  • Tales of: Business has been changed to Adventure Forum.
  • The forums Twitter 2.0,, and Yahoo! Answerz have been consolidated into "The Internet," as one forum.
The idea behind these changes, as you may expect, was to streamline this forum for a coming age of internet posting. We are always working to solidify our posting infrastructure at the PBBPPBCPHPBB moderation offices. "The Pissbaby Way is one of strife and innovation," as Beans famously said.

You may not have noticed, that forum user Dalm ... ofile&u=50 has also been made moderator of The Pissbabie. This change went unannounced because I forgot to announce it. She is also able to edit the posts of bots in the event that bots post while I am asleep or otherwise unable to do anything about them reeking havoc.

Thank you and don't forget to post.
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